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Hamden Hall Student News

Hello Readers! 

      We hope that this website will make students and faculty feel more connected and informed of the current events happening at Hamden Hall. This is also a platform for opinions, where all are free to share their thoughts on anything! We accept articles from anyone who would like to write one. 


      Recently our student newspaper has changed its name from the Advent to 1912, the year our school was founded. Historically, 1912 has posted articles in a printed magazine, but due to the recent pandemic, we switched to posting digital magazines on Flipsnack. Ultimately, gathering enough content and designing the magazine’s layout was too time-consuming, so we've decided to switch to posting our articles on a website. This allows us to post more frequently and write shorter articles that engage our readers. We’ve also decided to create a podcast, the Hive!

Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy reading the articles and listening to the Hive! 

         - 1912 Staff

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