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The Hamden Hall art gallery was recently put on display in front of the theater. Generally, the show displays a collection of artworks that Hamden Hall students have created. The show provides a place for all upper school students and staff to present what they produced during the pandemic.

The title of the gallery is “Now We Are Here” as everyone is returning in-person to school. The center of the show contains interactive art. People have written thank you notes to each other, which are connected by string sewn through all the notes. The cards were written by students about teachers or staff members who have inspired them. When these letters are strung together, they become the interactive piece in the center. Lucy and Carolyn, seniors and coordinators for this show, both think the central piece is their favorite piece of artwork. While the individual submissions expressed the artists’ personal emotions, this piece interwove both the thoughtfulness and gratitude of Hamden Hall students as a collective.

The other pieces were created by individuals using a variety of different materials. Some of them were made at home while others were created in the art studio. There were no requirements to submit, so everyone was able to get involved. In the end, there were over twenty-five submissions. Each piece included the author’s name and a quick description of their artwork. Most pieces were painted with oil or acrylic paint, but some were sketches drawn with colored pencils or pens. Some of the pieces were digital drawings, notes, and photos that were printed out. The 3D pieces were mainly collages using pages from magazines. One student even submitted his entire sketchbook which included a variety of drawings.

Although the art show was successful in the end, the process of collecting the items was difficult. The gallery was announced on Monday, but only a few people submitted during the first few days. Luckily, by the end of the week, submissions started to increase and the curators were not as worried. Every day, Lucy and Carolyn would add more pieces to the gallery and reposition everything to make the gallery flow. They ended up receiving more pieces than expected and were able to have a variety of mediums on display. The pieces were strategically placed, with the brighter pieces in the center and the color fading as the paintings move closer to the edges of the wall. They worked hard to put the gallery together, and they were glad they had help from so many students. A lot of time and effort was put into the gallery by the leaders and everyone who contributed. If you have not already checked out the gallery, go visit it! There will also be another gallery show soon, so think about submitting something.


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