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New Club Spotlights Part I



This year, BSU hopes to become more established, both on campus and within neighboring communities. Some events Black Student Union plans to host this year include a technology drive and an assembly for Black History Month. They also aim to have a bake sale on October 28th. During meetings, members plan activities, discuss possible assemblies, and catch up with each other. The club recently participated in a sickle cell fundraiser where they helped set up and run the event. When asked what she would say to students considering joining the club, Jada Potter said that BSU is a great place to make new friends and destress, highlighting that it’s a safe space where students aren’t asked to do anything too demanding. According to Amari Phillips, the club feels like a family where everyone is welcomed and supported.

Club leaders: Marlon Ward, Amari Phillips

Advisors: Dr. Hill, Ms. Crimley



ASU is a student initiated club that first started last year. Its goal is to create a platform for students with Asian heritage to gather together and support each other. It is a safe space for students to express their concerns, especially if they don’t feel comfortable sharing them in class. ASU wants to emphasize that it is open to ALL students with Asian heritage (Indian, Chinese, etc.) as it is a place where students can learn about each other's cultures, traditions and holidays. In the future Mrs. Wei (faculty advisor for ASU) would like to host a Chinese New Year celebration and a dumpling festival. ASU meets on E Week Wednesdays in W27.

Club leaders: Alex Lee, Leon Huang, Elena Li

Advisor: Mrs. Wei


Chess Club

After one year of inactivity, chess club is back! When asked why he wanted to revive the club, Bailey Smoko (a club leader) said “Because chess is dope.” Here you can learn how to play, teach others, improve your chess skills and participate in tournaments. The club’s goal for this year is to get students more involved in chess and host a tournament within Hamden Hall. Chess club meets Tuesdays at 2 in the courtyard.

Club Leaders: Bailey Smoko, Alex Lee

Advisor: Mr. Clark-Long



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