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Curry’s Chase for 2,974


Stephen Curry is currently 33 years old. He has been playing in the NBA for 13 years, and is already one of the greatest players in the league’s 75 year history. Curry is a 3 time NBA champion, a 2 time MVP, and a 7 time all star. The son of former NBA player Dell and brother of current player Seth, he has had a Hall of Fame career already, but he is about to break his most important record yet. Curry is about to break the NBA’s all time record for 3-pointers made.

Ray Allen’s Record

Ray Allen played in the NBA for 19 years. Playing for 4 teams, he hit a total of 2,973 3-pointers in his career. Allen was a prolific player, and a member of the Hall of Fame. His career 3pt percentage of .400 is unbelievably efficient and is a key reason for his holding of the NBA 3 point record. However, Ray Allen is about to be passed by Steph Curry. Curry, despite playing in 513 games less than Allen, is only 7 3-pointers away from the record. Curry will solidify himself as the undisputed greatest shooter of all time when he passes Allen, and we can only imagine how far he will go.

Curry’s Numbers

If Ray Allen is efficient, Curry is efficient to a level never seen before. He has shot at a .432 percent from 3 over his career, which is a major contributor to his meteoric rise to the top of the 3pt list. Curry plays a game that is as close to mechanically perfect as he can get, and he has been durable for much of his career. His age and wear will not have a great impact on his shooting ability, and his efficiency will continue to make him the most dangerous shooter in league history. It is completely possible that Curry’s final total will be a number that can be seen as unbreakable, and even if it was to be broken, it is not likely to happen for many more years.

Curry on the Game of Basketball

Every generation has a hero. From Jordan, to Kobe, to Lebron, there will always be a player who impacts a group of people unlike any other. Curry has become one of the most influential players we have ever seen. His ridiculous efficiency combined with a high volume of shots has created an emphasis on the 3-point shot we have never seen before. Players like Trae Young are taking 3’s like we have never seen, and from further back than we have ever seen. The up and coming group of players will be shooting more 3s than ever before, and it is all because of Curry. Not only will more 3s be shot, but the ever-increasing range of shooters in the league may prompt the creation of another line for another shot. Whether that possibility happens or not, Curry will undoubtedly become one of the most influential players of all time


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