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Holiday Treats


December is full of wonderful holidays and you know what that means: spending time with your family, giving and receiving gifts, decorating the house, and much more! However, no matter how fun the holiday season may be, there will always be the stress of not knowing what presents to get and doing your part to prepare for festivities. To ease your nerves, here is a short list of simple holiday recipes you can make that will make any friend or family member happy!

Ginger Cream Biscuit Log

This Christmas dessert recipe doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and it’s a great treat to make for your family if they like gingerbread and caramel! It’s a delicious dessert to try out during the season of giving. It’s less tiring than making a gingerbread house and tastes a whole lot better!


Peppermint Bark

This is the perfect treat to make if you need to whip up something quickly because it only takes 10 minutes! Simple and tasty, your family members are going to absolutely love this Christmas dessert and you’re going to save yourself a lot of time and ingredients. As you all know, nothing’s better than a happy family and a clean kitchen. It’s a win-win situation!


Coconut-Lime Pudding Cake

While this is a longer recipe to make, it’s definitely worth a shot! This fantastic combination of coconut and lime will leave guests drooling and you feeling proud of yourself. The time and effort you put into making this appetizing Kwanzaa treat will all be worth it once you get a taste!


Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth during the holidays, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! An easy and fun appetizer, buffalo chicken cheese balls work wonderfully in situations when you don’t have enough food or need something savory to balance out dessert. What’s also great about this snack is that it doesn’t have to be made for a specific holiday and is simply a treat to make throughout the year. It’s the best appetizer to make when you’re in doubt because it works for any festive occasion!


Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken

Usually not associated with a specific holiday, Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken is great to make if you’re looking to impress your family members with your cooking skills. Although it’s one of the longer and trickier recipes on this list, this holiday dish is delicious and works as a great entrée for family meals! If you take a leap of faith and try this recipe, you’re not going to regret it!



Lastly, we have the Hanukkah dessert Sufganiyot. A mix between a jelly donut and beignet, this tasty sweet tastes as good as it looks! If you don’t care for the jelly filling, that’s alright since you’re free to experiment by filling your Sufganiyot with whatever you want! It’s a fast and tasty treat to make that will be sure to make anyone’s Hanukkah more joyful (and more sweet!)


Hopefully, you found a recipe you’d like to try out or an idea of what to make during the holidays! If none of these recipes satisfy you, there are a plethora of others you can find online or even in an old cookbook in your cabinets at home. The holidays are a time to give and celebrate, so whatever effort you make, big or small, will be appreciated in your home. Happy holidays everyone!


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