Updated: Jul 4, 2021

If you have been checking your email lately, you would know that Mayfest is coming up soon; more specifically, next Saturday! I’ve given you a glimpse of what to expect in terms of theater productions, but there is so much more to look forward to! Hopefully by the end of this article, you can get a better sense of what will be going on this week and hopefully find something to participate in!

Firstly, we have the spirit days leading up to the weekend. Today is PJ day, so hopefully you are dressed cozy. Tuesday is athlete/jersey day, Wednesday is movie character day, Thursday is a specific color depending on your grade (freshman have red, sophomores are blue, and juniors are white), and finally on Friday we have our traditional green and white day to show our school spirit! If you have something specific in mind, don’t forget to prepare, and don’t be afraid to be creative with your outfits! There will also be a table set up in front of lower Swain filled with hair spray, face paint, and all of your school spirit needs.

Ms. Daly has prepared a live performance of some monologues that our very own students and staff have written and will be performing on Thursday at 3:30! Students have been meeting with Ms. Daly to practice performing either self-written monologues or trying to achieve the tone for the beautiful writing that they were given to perform. If you are interested in going, it will be over Facebook Live on our Hamden Hall Theatre page; You don’t even need an account to join!

Saturday (from 12:30-3:30) will consist of the main events; music performances, booths, and fun at Davis! Many clubs that you are a part of or may be interested in have booths with activities directly correlated to their club; if you are interested in getting an idea of what a club is all about or just looking for some weekend entertainment, make sure you stop by for the booths! Amnesty International will have postcard writing, debate team is hosting a pie eating contest, the freshman class will have a ring toss, GSA is coming with its annual tie-dye, math team will have spike ball and math-related games, MUN is setting up a green screen photo booth, Rho Khappa will have some history trivia, and 1912 is going to have interviews, and later put together a video. There are also many people performing their own musical talents just for you to enjoy! Many students and faculty are bringing their voices and even some musical instruments to serenade you with music that makes them happy! If you would like to know more about Mr. Sabatelli’s musical journey, make sure you listen to last week’s podcast featuring Georgia Yu and Mr. Sabatelli.

It goes without saying that this upcoming week will be filled with joy and talent, all on behalf of the celebration of Hamden Hall arts! If you are interested in coming, there is an eventbrite link that Mr. A sent out to reserve tickets. If you want to go but are not sure who to go with, be sure to ask around; your friends may already be planning to go, or are looking for someone to go with as well! This is a great, fun, and free way to show your support not only for the incredibly talented members of our community, but also for the arts at Hamden Hall. Enjoy the week ahead, and keep up the great work in our final moments of the school year!


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