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New Club Spotlights Part II



The Hispanic Student Union is a new club created by Isabella and Michael Ferneini, who plan to cultivate a safe space to share Hispanic culture. This year, they hope to establish a community where Hispanic students feel comfortable discussing their heritage, and they look forward to helping students of other backgrounds learn more about various Hispanic cultures. Because the mainstream representation of Hispanic culture is often generalized and oversimplified, Isabella and Michael want to help educate the student body about how diverse Hispanic culture is. During club meetings, they plan to share Hispanic culture through food, movies, and conversation.

Club Leaders: Isabella Ferneini, Michael Ferneini

Advisors: Ms. Sanza, Ms. Alcina, and Ms. Matteos


Kitchen Club

With the commencement of the school year, multiple clubs have emerged. Currently, in Room 125 of the Schiavone Science Center (Science Building), the Kitchen Club holds its meetings. The Kitchen Club meets on Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:00, during which members partake in the construction of recipes, dishes, courses, meals, baked goods, desserts. Members also learn about food safety and safety protocols, which includes washing hands and prevention of cross-contamination between food. The Kitchen Club welcomes test-tasters. So, feel free to come down to SCC 125 and try some of their food!

Here is the form if you’d like to join the Kitchen Club:

Club Leader: Jason Phoenix Liu

Advisors: Dr. D and Ms. Crimley


Poetry Club

The Poetry Club was founded by Kate Xie at the end of last year, because she wanted an opportunity to write more poetry. More than that, she wanted to create a safe environment for writers to share their work and collaborate with each other. At the beginning of each week, Ms. Manley sends out a poetry prompt, and the club convenes on Thursdays to workshop the drafts. They hope to submit their poetry to competitions or FACES (if they choose to). They also plan to invite guest speakers, such as published poets, to give inspiration to budding writers. And if you can’t make the Thursday meeting (due to PL), Kate is willing to stay after school to meet with you. Look out for their poetry competition in April!

Club Leader: Kate Xie

Advisors: Ms. Manley


Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club hopes to gain enough members to host matches of varying sizes this year. Once the schedule and location of their meetings is established, they will play games depending on what members would like to do. As of now, Volleyball Club plans to meet on Thursdays in Taylor Gym. Their games will include 2v2 and 6v6. According to club leader Owen Baker, volleyball is a lot more fun than one might think, and the club is a great place to have fun with friends.

Club leaders: Owen Baker, Mathias Vieth

Advisor: Ms. Manley



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