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New Club Spotlights Part IV



This year, Jewish Student Union was created by Helen Gerber, Kaleb Cohen, and Andrew Kortmansky. They started the club to create a supportive environment for Jewish members of Hamden Hall and to help inform curious students about Judaism. The club is open to everyone, and its leaders hope to educate the community about struggles facing Jewish people. So far, they’ve held events to celebrate Hanukkah and Purim. In the future, they plan to work with other affinity groups and further their pursuit of broadening the general understanding of the religion on campus. The members of JSU are grateful for how encouraging the Hamden Hall community has been and eager to help shed light on Judaism.

Club Leaders: Helen Gerber, Kaleb Cohen, and Andrew Kortmansky

Advisors: Dr. Manevitz and Mr. Sokoloff



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