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Winter Olympics 2022: Headline Events


Only 5 months after the greatest sporting event in the world concluded, we are greeted with the event that completes the pair. The Winter Olympics are finally upon us, and despite the looming threat of COVID, it appears that the Winter games will happen. The Beijing games will be different than any other we have ever seen, but we will be sure to see the same magic that makes these games so iconic for the entire woHere are the key events to tune in and watch.

Shaun White in the 2022 Olympics


Although snowboarding is a relatively new sport that can be seen as more of a novelty than a competition on the same tier as other events, it is nothing to scoff at. Snowboarding events are explosive, exciting, and a true demonstration of athletic talent. The United States led the pack in 2018 with 4 gold medalists, but there are plenty of strong competitors from Switzerland, Austria, and Canada that could very well make some noise in the competition.


Bobsled is a unique sport when it comes to the pure speed and power demonstrated. There is never a dull moment in bobsled, and when you see the 4 or 2-man teams hurling down the track at unbelievable speeds, you will immediately be impressed. As someone who has experienced bobsled firsthand, the speed is unmatched and the pure adrenaline that you feel through the screen is very real. The Germans dominate the bobsled field and should be looked upon for another stellar performance at these games.

Nathan Chen in the 2022 Olympics

Figure Skating

Although I am admittedly not a figure skating fan, it is undeniable that the sport is unbelievably impressive. The complete opposite of the speed and power that hockey brings, the art of figure skating is very difficult and requires fine-tuned technical skill. If you are one who appreciates the slow pace and majestic movements that figure skating brings, you will certainly be able to appreciate this event.


Skiing is another sport that I am not the most experienced in, but it yet another fast, exciting sport, especially the downhill portions. The speed, fast turns, and anticipation for the final time create a race atmosphere unlike the other events. Austria held the crown in 2018, but Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and others could always challenge for the crown.

Team USA in the 2022 Olympics


Hockey is the ultimate blend of speed, power, skill, and atmosphere. The only of the core 5 sports present in the Winter games(Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer), hockey has been a longtime staple event. The Women’s field is primarily a two-horse race between the United States and Canada. Team USA is bringing back many of the stars who won the 2018 games in exhilarating fashion against Canada. Canada is viewed as an equal to the U.S. despite that loss, and it should be a toss-up on who will win.

The men’s side is a little bit different. The NHL players backed out at the last minute due to concerns about quarantine rules in China. Thus, it is much less certain who will be playing in the games. Team USA is still being named, and although the players are not as recognisable, Canada is most likely the favorite, followed by Sweden, Russia, and the USA. Despite these losses, the men’s field is sure to be as electrifying as ever and should be a top event to watch.

I will definitely tune into as many of these events as possible, even if it is not for the whole thing. The games are sure to be great, and there are undoubtedly events that I have missed that are sure to be exciting. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing where Men’s hockey goes without the NHL and if the USA women can defend their crown.




Figure Skating:




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